Better Animals Plus Wiki

Animal Heads are heads dropped by many animals in the mod.

All can be placed on walls, and some can be placed on the ground as well.

Heads are dropped from all mobs with heads at a 1 in 12 (8.33%) chance. They will match the variant of the animal that dropped it, and their item ID will match the naming convention betteranimalsplus:[animal_name]head_[variant_id], where [variant_id] is the internal ID of the variant for the animal that dropped it. The current exceptions to this are the Brown Bear head (betteranimalsplus:brownbearhead_1) and the Coyote head (betteranimalsplus:coyotehead_1), because these animals do not have variants (the Brown Bear is considered a separate entity from the Black Bear, and the Black Bear has the kermode variant).

All heads can be waterlogged, and have wall rotation states for all four directions. Heads that can be placed on the ground have an additional ground state and four facing directions when on top of a block, along with wall states.


There are many animal heads in the mod.

Name/Variant Animal Appearance ID Place on Ground? Special Behaviors
Deer Head - 1 Deer Brown with short antlers betteranimalsplus:deerhead_1 N Will get a red nose from December 24th-26th
Deer Head - 2 Deer Brown with long antlers betteranimalsplus:deerhead_2 N Will get a red nose from December 24th-26th
Deer Head - 3 Deer Albino with long antlers betteranimalsplus:deerhead_3 N Will get a red nose from December 24th-26th
Deer Head - 4 Deer Albino with short antlers betteranimalsplus:deerhead_4 N Will get a red nose from December 24th-26th
Bear Head - Brown Brown Bear Brown betteranimalsplus:brownbearhead_1 N
Bear Head - Black Black Bear Black betteranimalsplus:blackbearhead_black N
Bear Head - Kermode Black Bear Albino betteranimalsplus:blackbearhead_kermode N
Boar Head - 1 Boar Medium-Dark Brown betteranimalsplus:boarhead_1 N
Boar Head - 2 Boar Dark Brown betteranimalsplus:boarhead_2 N
Boar Head - 3 Boar Brownish Black betteranimalsplus:boarhead_3 N
Boar Head - 4 Boar Albino betteranimalsplus:boarhead_4 N
Reindeer Head - 1 Reindeer White back, brown head betteranimalsplus:reindeerhead_1 N
Reindeer Head - 2 Reindeer White back & head, brown eyes & ears betteranimalsplus:reindeerhead_2 N
Reindeer Head - 3 Reindeer Brown back/ears/head/eyes betteranimalsplus:reindeerhead_3 N
Reindeer Head - 4 Reindeer White back/ears/head/eyes betteranimalsplus:reindeerhead_4 N
Coyote Head Coyote Sand-colored, orange eyes betteranimalsplus:coyotehead_1 Y
Feral Wolf Head - Black Feral Wolf Black betteranimalsplus:feralwolfhead_black Y
Feral Wolf Head - Snowy Feral Wolf White with grey markings betteranimalsplus:feralwolfhead_snowy Y
Feral Wolf Head - Timber Feral Wolf Gray betteranimalsplus:feralwolfhead_timber Y
Feral Wolf Head - Arctic Feral Wolf White betteranimalsplus:feralwolfhead_arctic Y
Feral Wolf Head - Brown Feral Wolf Deep Brown betteranimalsplus:feralwolfhead_brown Y
Feral Wolf Head - Red Feral Wolf Reddish-Brown betteranimalsplus:feralwolfhead_red Y


  • 2.0.0
    • Introduced. (Feral Wolf, Coyote, Deer)
  • 4.0.0
    • Added reindeer heads
    • Added second deer head variant for shorter antlers
  • 4.1.0
    • Added fox heads
    • Drop rate of heads greatly reduced
    • Heads will now drop the variant matching the animal that dropped it
    • Fixed bug where placed heads would not drop when broken by water or other non-player sources
  • 5.0.0
    • Animal heads will now have unique textures in the inventory for each variant
    • Added boar heads
  • 6.0.0
    • Fixed heads with corrupted or invalid NBT data causing client to crash
    • Fix deer head item icons not matching their antlers
  • 6.0.2
    • Fixed crashes caused by animal heads
  • 7.0.0
    • Added bear heads
    • Fixed bears sometimes dropping the wrong head type
    • 1.14: Removed fox heads
  • 7.0.1
    • 1.14: Fixed sided crash on server when using entity heads
  • 7.1.0
  • 8.0.0
    • Updated models for Feral Wolf heads
    • Split coyote head out of the Feral Wolf head variants
    • 1.14: Fixed heads not dropping whenever broken by anthing
    • 1.14: Fixed crash when placing heads on tall grass or double height plants
    • 1.14: Added waterlogging support for heads
  • 9.0.0
    • Added albino deer heads
    • Added arctic, brown, and red feral wolf heads
    • Updated advancements with new heads
    • 1.14: Rewrote head-variant system (changed many head IDs)
  • 10.0.0
    • Fixed heads with missing textures
    • Removed Hirschgeist Skull