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Better Animals Plus

Breathing new life into your worlds

Better Animals Plus seeks to bring new life and creatures to your worlds, all with a unique flair and aesthetic compared to other mods of the same category. The mod adds over 35 animals, and is constantly growing. We add not only animals but a variety of content including blocks, armor, food, advancements, and other items; supplementing the creatures in the mod.

About the Wiki

This wiki should be considered accurate only for the latest version of the mod, for the latest version of Minecraft. This means information written might not apply to earlier versions of the mod or different versions of Minecraft. The best attempt to document changes or differences is done, but written information will not always represent older, less-maintained versions of the mod.

This wiki is not entirely complete, and you can feel free to add to it. If you'd like to find out information about something that isn't documented here, you can ask the developers on the Discord.

This wiki targets US English, so spelling corrections on the bounds of English dialects shouldn't be made. Feel free to edit grammatical or spelling errors, or otherwise improve formatting.

Please do not document potential or known bugs on the wiki, nor write suggestions. That can be done on our issue tracker or Discord.

Have fun reading!