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Bobbit Worms are hostile mobs that spawn in oceans.


Bobbit worms are light yellow in color, with brown-banded, grey antennae and bristles and light grey, scissor-like mandibles. They come in 2 different variants: a plain yellow variant, and an iridescent variant with streaks of red, orange, and yellow on its dorsal and ventral sides and streaks of blue and green on its lateral sides.


When first spawned in the world, bobbit worms will slowly sink to the bottom of the water; upon finally touching the bottom, they will burrow into the ground, leaving only their heads exposed. When any mob (save for other bobbit worms) gets close, they will grab it in their mandibles and bite it to death, dealing 2 hearts (4 HP) of damage with each bite.

If a bobbit worm gets beached on land, it will start suffocating after 20 seconds. While on land, bobbit worms will not move, and will stay in place until they die.


  • 8.1.0:
    • Introduced.


  • Bobbit worms are immune to knockback both underwater and on land, making them harder to push around than other mobs.
  • Bobbit worms were initially planned to be released in version 7.0.0; however, due to the fact that their AI would have been extra work in an update with 4 mobs already implemented, they were delayed for future updates.
    • Eventually, they were added to version 8.1.0, alongside Zotzpyre.