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Giant Squid are hostile mobs that spawn in deep oceans.


Giant squid are deep red in color, with lighter-colored arms and tentacles with white inside surfaces, a dark brown beak, and yellow eyes with slitted black pupils.


Giant squid are naturally hostile to players and aquatic mobs. When attacking, they will swim towards targets at a constant rate in an attempt to make contact with them; upon reaching their target, they will grab them with their arms before biting them to death, dealing 2.5 hearts (5 HP) of damage per second. If their target is sitting in a boat, they will attempt to destroy the boat before attacking them. When not attacking, they will aimlessly swim around in a similar manner to their smaller vanilla counterparts. Upon being attacked by a player or another mob, they will spray a cloud of black ink out of their siphon.

If a giant squid gets beached on land, it will start suffocating after 20 seconds. While on land, giant squid will not move, and will stay in place until they die.


  • 10.0.0:
    • Introduced.


  • Giant squid behave very similarly to colossal squid, as they are both hostile cephalopods that drift towards prey before grabbing them and biting them to death. This is because the two mobs share AI code.