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Geese are neutral mobs that spawn near water in forested biomes.


Geese come in 3 different variants: a brown variant with light brown speckles, a black head, eyes, beak, legs, and wingtips, and a white underside and eye markings (based on the Canada goose), a grey variant with lighter grey speckles, a light grey head and wings, black eyes, an orange beak and legs, and a white underside (based on the greylag goose), and a white variant with blue eyes and an orange beak and legs (based on the domestic goose).

Goslings are always grey-brown in color, with dark brown speckles, a light grey beak and legs, and a yellow underside.


Geese will not attack players unless provoked, and, when undisturbed, will wander around aimlessly and avoid any natural hazards such as high cliffs or lava. If provoked by a player or another mob, they will run at their foe and hit them once, dealing 1.5 hearts (3 HP) of damage; after this attack, they will revert to their previous passive behavior for 10 seconds before attacking their foe again, and they will repeat this cycle up until their target kills them, dies, or runs away. As well as this, when in water, they will gracefully float on the surface, and can even swim much quicker than most other mobs.

Geese are capable of picking up items dropped on the floor, and will actively seek out nearby items on the floor to grab; upon picking up an item, they will hold it in their beaks. If they pick up a food item, they will eat it after 10 seconds pass, and will be affected by any side effects from the food; in addition to this, if they eat bread, they will be afflicted with Poison for 45 seconds. If they pick up a melee weapon, their attack strength will be increased accordingly, as if they were wielding the weapon. If they pick up a Totem of Undying, they will receive its effects upon taking fatal damage.

Although geese cannot be bred, they will still follow any player holding any kind of seed within a radius of 8 blocks.

Similarly to the vanilla chickens, geese will lay a single Goose Egg every 5-10 minutes while they are alive. When thrown, this egg has a 12.5% chance to spawn a completely passive gosling that will never attack players in any way, only running around in a panicked manner upon taking damage; after 1 day, the gosling will grow into a white goose. However, they have a 0.782% chance to lay a single Golden Goose Egg in place of a regular Goose Egg.

It takes 1 day for a gosling to reach adulthood.


  • 9.0.0:
    • Introduced.
  • 10.0.0:
    • Now has a 25% chance to spawn as a gosling.
    • Goslings now have a custom texture.


  • Geese are the only mob in the mod to use custom sounds; in this case, they have a moderately wide variety of honking noises for idling, taking damage, and dying.
  • When attacked in Creative mode, all goose variants will run around in a panicked manner for a few seconds.