Lammergeiers are passive flying mobs that spawn in mountainous and hilly biomes.


Lammergeiers are based on the bearded vulture (also known as the lammergeier or ossifrage), and although they always have light grey faces, black wing and tail feathers, and grey-brown legs, their body feathers come in 4 colors: white, yellow, orange, and red.


Lammergeiers are relatively docile, and will never attack players in any way, even when they are attacked. They will rapidly soar through the air, occasionally ascending in order to avoid obstacles as well as diving towards the ground in order to land; upon touching the ground, they will stay in place for a couple of seconds before taking off again. Despite being harmless to players, they will attack skeletons, swooping down on them before dealing 1 heart (2 HP) of damage by grabbing them with their talons, lifting them up into the air, and dropping them to their death.

Lammergeiers can be tamed with bones, and are tamed in the same manner as most tameable vanilla mobs (right-clicking with the taming item). Once tamed, lammergeiers will start following the player, and will fly vast distances just to catch up with their owner; however, they can be commanded to sit by right-clicking them with an empty hand, and will lower their head when doing so. As well as this, tamed lammergeiers will swoop down on any mob (save for Creepers and Ghasts) their owner attacks before grabbing them, lifting them up, and dropping them; in extension, a tamed lammergeier will come to its owner's aid if they are under attack.

Feeding a lammergeier any food item will heal it.


  • 1.0.0:
    • Introduced.
  • 1.1.0:
    • Will now land in order to make taming easier.
    • Now lowers its head when sitting.
  • 4.1.0:
    • Can now be healed with any food item.
  • 6.0.0:
    • Will now dive towards the ground before entering "sitting" mode.


  • Lammergeiers have a drastically different flying AI from most other mobs; when flying, they soar through the air in a linear orientation, making sharp ascensions and turns as well as diving towards the ground at an oblique angle.
    • Unfortunately, the lammergeier flying AI is also currently the most buggy AI in the mod. In the 1.12 versions, lammergeiers function normally outside of ceasing all aerial movement after a minute; however, in the 1.14 versions, they will simply float in place before violently fluttering in random directions, and will not stop this behavior until they are tamed.
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