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Moose are hostile mobs that spawn in swamps and giant tree taigas.


Moose come in 2 variants: a brown variant and an albino variant. As well as this, they possess a set of large, broad antlers atop their head, which comes in two variants: a shorter set of antlers, and a larger set of antlers with a greater amount of prongs.


Moose are naturally hostile to players. When attacking, they will quickly run at targets and deal 2.25 hearts (4.5 HP) of damage upon contact. When not attacking, they will wander around aimlessly and avoid any natural hazards such as high cliffs or lava; occasionally, they will stop moving and lower their head to graze on grass, converting it into dirt. As well as this, unlike most mobs, they cannot swim, and will sink in the water; however, they are still capable of moving around in and underwater, and are immune to drowning.


  • 8.0.0:
    • Introduced.


  • Interestingly enough, moose will rotate their entire upper body when looking at players or other nearby entities.