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Octopuses are neutral mobs that spawn in warmer oceans.


Although octopuses always have a dark brown beak and yellow eyes with slitted black pupils, they come in 4 different variants: a deep red variant with pale red inside surfaces on its arms (based on the East Pacific red octopus), a golden yellow variant with brown speckles and a white underside and inside surfaces on its arms (based on the common octopus), a pale red variant with pale red inside surfaces on its arms (based on the giant Pacific octopus), and a yellow variant with brown spots, blue markings, and white inside surfaces on its arms (based on the blue-ringed octopus).


Most octopus variants will not attack players, and just aimlessly swim around in a similar manner to squid; if they swim down to the bottom of the ocean, they will settle on the seafloor and start crawling around on their arms. Upon being attacked by a player or another mob, they will spray a cloud of black ink out of their siphon before swimming away from their attacker.

Blue-ringed octopuses will not swim away from attackers, attacking players who provoke them or get within 1 block away from them instead. When attacking, they will swim towards targets at a constant rate and deal 1.5 hearts (3 HP) of damage in addition to inflicting Poison II and Mining Fatigue II for 9 seconds upon contact.

In addition to the blue-ringed octopus' behavior of targeting players that get too close to it, all octopus variants will also occasionally prey on any aquatic mob, with the exception of other octopuses. This behavior is influenced by how hungry they are.

Predator Hunger
Upon spawning, this predatory mob will have an initial hunger defined by the sum of 10 and a random number (from 0-49); every second, this hunger goes up by a single number. In addition to this, it has a hunger threshold of 80; this threshold is vital for its effective hunger, which is 0 when below the threshold and equal to the difference between the hunger and the threshold when above it. If the effective hunger is greater than or equal to 100, the mob will immediately attack a prey animal; otherwise, its chance of predation is determined by the quotient of 1 and the difference between 100 and its effective hunger.

All non-blue-ringed octopus variants can be befriended with any kind of fish; befriended octopuses will not follow the player around, but will come to their aid if they are under attack.

If an octopus gets beached on land, it will start suffocating after 20 seconds. While on land, octopuses can still crawl on the ground with their arms, and will seek out bodies of water to save themselves from suffocating; as well as this, they are extremely resistant to knockback while on land.


  • 10.0.0:
    • Introduced.
  • 10.1.0:
    • Predation of other animals is now determined by a newly-added hunger mechanic.
    • Mobs killed by octopuses no longer drop items (unless said octopuses were befriended).


  • When octopuses swim around freely in the water, their eyes noticeably sink into their body, to the point where they slightly clip through their mantle.
  • Octopuses are one of the few mobs in the mod that can prevent their targets from dropping items, alongside lampreys, sharks, barracudas, and piranhas. However, they will lose this ability upon being befriended.