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Reindeer are passive mobs that spawn in snowy biomes.


Reindeer are brown and pale brown in color, and come in 4 different color patterns: brown with a pale brown neck, brown with a pale brown head, neck, chest, and legs, pale brown with a brown face, back, and legs, and fully pale brown. As well as this, snowflakes can often be seen floating around them.

Between December 22 and December 28 (local/server system time), reindeer have an 11.1% chance of spawning with a red nose. After the 28th, any reindeer spawned with red noses with lose their noses. Any reindeer named "Rudolph" any time of the year will also have a red nose. Any children of "Rudolph" reindeers will also inherit red noses that do not disappear.


Reindeer act similarly to most other passive mobs, aimlessly wandering around, avoiding any natural hazards such as lava, and running around in a panicked manner upon taking damage.

Reindeer are rideable, and can be ridden without having to be tamed or saddled beforehand; all a player has to do to mount a reindeer is to right-click it with an empty hand. Similarly to horses, WASD controls are used. Spacebar makes the reindeer jump; if held for over a second, it causes the reindeer to charge its jump, allowing it to jump higher if held for the right amount of time. Shift is used to dismount.

Reindeer can be bred with wheat or carrots, and are bred in the same manner as other vanilla animals (right-clicking with the breeding item). However, they will not follow players holding wheat or carrots, so it is ideal to ride one reindeer to the other before breeding them.

It takes 1 day for a reindeer calf to reach adulthood.

Similarly to horses, reindeer can be healed with sugar, wheat, carrots, apples, golden carrots, golden apples, and hay bales; some foods heal a larger amount of health than others (all the foods are listed in increasing order of healing strength).


  • 4.0.0:
    • Introduced.
  • 4.0.1:
    • Will now gain a red nose if named "Rudolph".
  • 4.1.0:
    • Now drops a head corresponding with its fur color pattern.
    • Drop rate of heads has been greatly reduced.
  • 8.0.0:
    • Health has been nerfed from 53 HP to 30 HP.


  • Reindeer are the only rideable mob in the mod.
    • By extension, reindeer are the only mob in the mod to be able to be ridden without having to be tamed or saddled beforehand.
  • Reindeer share vocalizing and rearing/jumping animations with the vanilla horse; this is because the two mobs share interaction code.