Better Animals Plus Wiki


  • Fixed bug where the goose pickup blocklist did not work
  • Revised text for punch a bear to death advancement in light of recent world events
  • 1.16 Forge: Fixed capes not animating when worn in the back slot


  • Added Korean translation (Thanks KaitheBlackCat)
  • Removed Cardinal Components (fixes crash with Trinkets when CC is not installed separately)
  • Fixed crash when pressing Ctrl+H while in Controls menu
  • Changed goose breeding item from wheat to any seed or seagrass
  • Added egg laying API to Turkey, Pheasant, and Goose for compatibility with Chicken Nerf
  • Optimized butterfly and dragonfly pathing (reduces server lag)
  • Butterflies and dragonflies will now only spawn on grass or leaves, instead of everywhere
  • Reworked water spawning to use more ambient-type spawns - squids are no longer impossibly rare, more variety in water spawns
  • Tweaked default spawn weights of water creatures for balance
  • Added a comment to the top of client configs stating where server configs are located
  • Removed useless forge_marker field from blockstate JSONs
  • Fabric: Fixed fried egg recipe not working
  • Fabric: Fixed crash when looking at badgers with Iris installed
  • 1.17&1.18: Updated Chinese Translation (previously only on 1.16 accidentally)
  • 1.17&1.18: Fixed wolf pelts and bear skins not dropping at all
  • 1.17&1.18: Fixed error with squid loot table and wolf loot table additions
  • 1.18: Added default spawning support for new biomes and biome types
  • 1.18: Fixed mixin crash with Trinkets 3.2.0
  • 1.18 Forge: Now require Forge 39.0.57 or higher


  • Updated Chinese Translation (Thanks chen_index)
  • Coyotes can now be bred with antlers
  • Fixed butterfly and dragonfly suffocating in farmland
  • Fixed variants not re-generating when not found (errored textures on entities when variants are renamed)
  • Fixed selective variant config not actually doing anything
  • Made coyotes internally no longer extend the Feral Wolf
  • Fixed possible desync with internal feature
  • Forge 1.17: Fixed pack format version being incorrect
  • 1.17&1.18: Fixed rendering crash with internal feature
  • Forge 1.17&1.18: Fixed crash at mixin-time without Architectury installed preventing Forge from informing the user Architectury is missing


  • Updated Russian Translation (Thanks Smollet777)
  • Made crabs and horseshoe crabs bucketable
  • 1.16: Tweaked deer model and texture to match 1.17/1.18
  • Fixed deer looking up slightly all the time
  • Fixed development-time dependencies on the mod
  • Added missing language entry for config menu - config.betteranimalsplus.coyote_hostile_daytime
  • Fabric: Fixed crash during mixin-plugin-time if Architectury was not present preventing Fabric from informing the user of missing dependencies
  • Fabric: Fixed crash when connecting to dedicated servers


  • 1.17: Removed goats (including associated items and advancements) due to vanilla adding goats
  • 1.17: Tweaked deer model and texture


Architectury is now REQUIRED for Forge and Fabric versions of the mod.

Feature Additions

  • Remade turkey model and textures
  • Remade tarantula model and textures + new variants
  • Remade reindeer (+ head) model and textures
  • Remade pheasant model and textures
  • Remade lammergeier model and textures
  • Remade jellyfish model and textures + new variants
  • Remade coyote (+ head) model and textures
  • Remade bear (+ head) model and textures
  • Remade badger model and textures
  • Remade boar (+ head) model and textures + new variants
  • Remade squirrel model and textures
  • Remade horseshoe crab model and textures + new variants
  • Updated wolf and bear cape textures
  • Updated venison texture
  • Generally cleaned up and improve some animations (more sensible leg swing and timing)
  • Made lammergeiers attack other types of skeleton (wither, stray)
  • Make geese and pheasants drop feathers
  • Improved tag compatibility with other mods (Pam's HC, Farmer's Delight) - now with Fabric tags
  • Fabric: Added Trinkets compatibility
  • Fabric: Added Cloth Config API and Mod Menu compatibility
  • Removed large easter egg audios (Crab: now use any disk, Walrus: plays a shorter audio immediately)


  • Fixed pack format being incorrect
  • Fixed jellyfish, lamprey, eels, barracuda, flying fish, and piranha using empty buckets instead of water buckets to be "bucketed"
  • Fixed possible crash with Octopus loading
  • Fixed some models shaking when the game is
  • Fixed tamed animals attacking other tamed animals from the same owner
  • All entities now have their own loot table and can be replaced by datapacks as expected
  • Fixed raw language keys when killed by a tarantula hair or badger dirt
  • Fixed turkey being unable to place on some blocks with solid tops
  • Fixed turkey not breaking when neighbors update to remove support


Feature Additions

  • Tags for foods (recipe support for Pam's HarvestCraft, etc)
  • Configuration options to allow nerfing of boars
  • New configuration layout, names, and comments (THIS WILL BREAK YOUR CONFIG! Back them up!)
  • Live, in-game reloading of configuration (you need to exit to the menu for full functionality)
  • Deer can now additionally be bred with golden carrots, apples, and golden apples (originally wheat and carrots)


  • Fixed timing of shark and squid attacks
  • Fixed some step sounds not working
  • Improved code stability and readability
  • Fixed turkey block not displaying correctly in campfires or item frames
  • Fixed animals with eye glow not looking right/having a fully black texture with most shaders
  • Fixed placement of animal heads and turkey blocks in water not waterlogging properly
  • Fixed bees not being able to pollinate from trillium (added to small_flowers tag)
  • Fixed feral wolves and coyotes not being set to full health when tamed
  • Fixed feral wolves and coyotes whimpering at 1/3 health - now is 1/2
  • Fixed insect (butterfly/dragonfly) pathfinder pathing to non-air or water blocks
  • Fixed butterflies not pathing to a new position after reaching first position
  • Tweak crab animations, fix slight floating off ground
  • Improved behavior of crab easter egg (auto-expiration of animation)
  • Decreased the rate of grass eating in animals that eat grass
  • Cleaned up internal tags
  • Fixed being unable to equip a cape if anything was in the chestplate slot
  • Fixed tamed coyotes and feral wolves being considered hostiles
  • Fixed deer not consuming wheat or carrots but still breeding
  • Fixed serializable errors on newer Java versions (Java 11+)
  • Fixed configuration using last loaded biomes as defaults instead of the actual defaults
  • 1.15: Fixed duplicate spawn entries when the world is reloaded
  • 1.16: Fixed GlobalEntityTypeAttributes.put warnings on newer Forge versions
  • 1.16: Fixed moose heads and brown bear heads not appearing in the creative menu or JEI
  • 1.16: Essential Features portable jukebox compat now works with standalone version
  • 1.16: Fixed config loading issues
  • 1.16: Fixed animals not spawning in modded biomes properly


  • Updated Italian translation (Credit: NinoSecret)


Feature Additions

  • Added hunger system for predatory animals (read more about it on the wiki)
  • Hunger for:
    • Sharks
    • Bears
    • Coyotes
    • Feral wolves
    • Piranhas
    • Barracudas
  • Added Curios support for wolf and bear capes
  • Added drop-blocking (like the Lamprey has) where killed targets of some animals will not drop items to reduce clutter
  • Drop blocking will no longer affect animals from buckets or with special attribute like taming
  • Drop blocking for:
    • Barracudas (exception when from bucket)
    • Octopus (exception when tamed or from bucket)
    • Sharks
    • Piranha (exception when from bucket)
    • Lamprey (already present in mod before update, exception when from bucket)
  • Added "feral_wolf_tame_armor" tag to allow customizability of the helmet you must be wearing to tame a Feral Wolf
  • 1.16: Default spawn biomes will now filter to the OVERWORLD forge Biome Dictionary tag (to prevent spawning in nether forests, etc)
  • 1.16: Boars will not attack hoglins


  • Fixed bug where all foods took 32 ticks to eat instead of 16 for some
  • Fixed whales being invisible when they had no pitch
  • Fixed deer fawn not following their parents
  • Fixed black bear cubs not following their parents
  • Fixed black bears not being territorial near players with cubs
  • Fixed brown bear cubs following black bear adults
  • Fixed bobbit worms not angling correctly when in non-water movable blocks (seagress, kelp)
  • Fixed bug where piranhas would spawn adult skeleton horses when a baby horse was killed
  • Fixed butterflies and moths sometimes suffocating themselves in walls when launching from a surface
  • Fixed geese sometimes spawning naturally as the egg-spawned only variant (white goose)
  • Fixed "tamed" octopi despawning
  • Fixed bug where hammerhead sharks had no natural spawn biomes
  • Fixed crab easter egg animations
  • Fixed weird nose cubes on ribbon eel
  • Fixed slow pathfinding in sharks, lampreys, giant/colossal squids, and octopus
  • Improved land/water pathfinding in octopus
  • Fixed octopus being bad at moving downwards
  • Fixed giant/colossal squids getting stuck on the surface of water
  • Fixed broken "ultimate succening" advancement, now works properly with Whisperwoods zotzpyres.


  • Updated Russian translation (Credit: Smollet777)
  • Updated Spanish translation (Credit: F2P26)


Feature Additions


  • Add butterflies
  • Add dragonflies
  • Add barracuda
  • Add flying fish
  • Add giant squid
  • Add colossal squid
  • Add piranha
  • Add octopus


  • Add bottled butterflies
  • Add bottled dragonflies
  • Add Bucket of Barracuda
  • Add Bucket of Flying Fish
  • Add Horseshoe Crab blood
  • Add calamari


  • Add Octopus' Garden advancement
  • Add 20,000 Leagues of Trouble advancement
  • Add Bug Collector advancement
  • Add secret developer feature

Feature Changes

  • 1.15: Remove all mythical features (Hand Of Fate, Zotzpyre, Hirschgeist + Skull + Advancements) They will be moved to our other mod Whisperwoods
  • Feral Wolves can now only be tamed when wearing an Ender Dragon head
  • Add custom textures for baby boar, deer, goose, pheasant, and turkey
  • Add new shark variants (hammerhead, goblin, mako, great white)
  • Update model for shark variants (tiger, whitetip, blue)
  • Make all animals available and non-hostile on Peaceful mode
  • Add baby brown bears (any meat)
  • Add baby black bears (salmon or honeycomb on 1.15)
  • Add baby feral wolves (antlers, must be tamed)
  • Add baby badgers (only occur naturally)
  • Brown bears, black bears, feral wolves, badgers, boar, crab, deer, goat, goose, horseshoe crab, turkey, squirrel, songbird, and pheasant will now naturally spawn as babies (25% chance)
  • Antlers can now be crafted into 3 bonemeal each
  • Bears can now rear and will defend their babies, like vanilla polar bears
  • Goats will now remember their friend when the world is unloaded


  • Update Russian Translation
  • Made more messages localizable (coyote/feral wolf messages, tooltips, etc)


  • Make Lammergeiers Great Again! (No, seriously)
  • Fix crashes related to null variants (Shark rendering, whale rendering)
  • Fix heads with missing textures
  • Add Romanian and Finnish Translations
  • Fixed issue with serialization of types
  • Fix random crashes when certain entities spawned naturally
  • Fixed crash when taming animals
  • Fixed reindeer having weird leg placement
  • Fixed feral wolves not being able to heal to full health with food
  • Fixed coyote, feral wolves, and goats having odd walking animations
  • Fixed taranatulas spawning too much / in the light / in the wrong places
  • Fixed weird desync with feral wolves and coyotes when sitting (walking while sitting, etc)
  • Fix crash with Rosy's Update mod / overwriting vanilla bucket
  • 1.15: Fix songbirds sometimes not appearing as landed
  • 1.15: Fix walrus not moving when in water
  • 1.15: Possibly fix crash with Lammergeier navigation
  • 1.15: Fix Feral Wolves not dropping pelts and not changing eyes when tamed


  • 1.14: Fixed crash when Zotzpyre rode a turtle partially submerged in water
  • 1.12: Fixed freshwater eels spawning far too much
  • 1.12: Updated Spanish Translation (9.0.0 equivalent)
  • 1.12: Updated Russian Translation (9.0.0 equivalent)


  • Added walrus
  • Added geese
  • Added whales (beluga, pilot, false killer, narwhal, bottlenose, and Cuvier's)
  • Added saltwater eels
  • Added freshwater eels
  • Added albino deer variants and heads
  • Added new deer model
  • Added arctic, brown, and red feral wolf variants, capes, pelts, and heads
  • Added greenland shark variant
  • Improved shark animations
  • Added goose egg
  • Added golden goose egg
  • Added blubber
  • Updated advancemnts with new heads
  • Added secret with the walrus (they like being fed fried eggs btw)
  • Tweaked tarantulas so they rotate when on a wall
  • Fix non-honey type badgers spawning in savannas
  • Updated Spanish translation (partially updated to 9.0.0)
  • Update French translation (8.2 equivalent)
  • Update Chinese translation (8.2 equivalent)
  • Update Russian translation (partially updated to 9.0.0)
  • 1.12: Updated Thaumcraft aspects for new features
  • 1.12: Added oredict listAllegg and listAllEgg to custom eggs
  • 1.14: Biome based variants now enabled by default in config. No longer affects spawn eggs, only natural spawns. Existing configs must be updated.
  • 1.14: Added a clientside config, also allows reindeer snow particles to be disabled
  • 1.14: Made it so boars retaliate and summon their friends, like in 1.12
  • 1.14: Added buckets for some water mobs (lamprey, nautilus, freshwater eel, saltwater eel, jellyfish)
  • 1.14: Rewrote the ENTIRE variant system to make more sense and be named.
  • 1.14: Rewrote the ENTIRE head-variant system to make more sense and be named.
  • 1.14: Rewrites means that some items in worlds will break. DO NOT take this update lightly. Back up your worlds.


  • 1.14: Fix crash "duplicate entity registry entry"


  • Fix crabs and horseshoe crabs despawning by default (existing configs should be deleted or fixed)
  • Remove zotzpyre in peaceful difficulty
  • Fix zotzpyre spawning too much in some places
  • Fix zotzpyre attacking other monsters (creepers especially)
  • Fix zotzpyre sometimes going into ground
  • Fix zotzpyre randomly floating mid-air
  • Fix zotzpyre "attacking" horses
  • Fix zotzpyre being unable to swim
  • Fix boars not properly moving to crops
  • Update portugeuse translation
  • Fix goats not properly breeding from all tempt items and remove carrot on a stick as a tempt item
  • Fix entities with nametags despawning if enabled in config
  • Improved lamprey animations
  • Fix tarantula spawning in deserts being very rare
  • 1.14: Fix boars not properly pathing through berry bushes
  • 1.14: Fix bears not properly pathing through berry bushes
  • 1.14: Fix dispensers not outputting spawn eggs as entities but instead dropping them
  • 1.14: Fix possible threading issues from packets
  • 1.14: Fix possible configuration editing exploit from client to server
  • 1.14: Fix reindeer spawning in frozen oceans
  • 1.14: Update AI for lamprey to improve pathfinding
  • 1.14: Fix crash with zotzpyre
  • 1.14: Make boars immune to berry bush damage
  • 1.14: Fix shark teleporting player to them when shot with arrows
  • 1.14: Speed up sharks a bit


  • 1.12: Fix crash with zotzpyre
  • 1.12: Fix most of "Received passengers for unknown entity" log spam


  • Add zotzpyre
  • Add bobbit worm
  • Revamped shark animations to reduce choppiness
  • Added "Ultimate Succening" advancement for getting succed by a lamprey, bobbit worm, and zotzpyre
  • Boars will now more actively seek crops to eat them
  • Fixed feral wolf tail receding into body when tamed and added wagging for tamed wolves
  • Fixed sharks attacking slowly/holding enemies and doing nothing
  • Reduced water slowdown of bears
  • Made squirrels immune to fall damage
  • Added thaumcraft aspects for zotzpyre and bobbit
  • Update Spanish translation to 8.1.0 features
  • Update Russian translation for 8.0.0 features
  • Update Japanese translation for 8.1.0 features
  • Update German translation for 8.0.0 features
  • Fix some entities with glowing eyes causing water behind them to be invisible
  • Fix rare crash caused by some mods with armor displays and modeled

armor (capes/hirschgeist skull). Test case Modern Warfare mod.

  • 1.14: Brown Bears, Black Bears, and boars will now eat berries similar to foxes
  • 1.14: Brown Bears and Black Bears are now immune to bush damage
  • 1.14: Brown Bears will now attack salmon
  • 1.14: Rewrote shark movement AI
  • 1.14: Fixed some water mobs spawning on land (actually this time)


  • Add moose
  • Add turkey
  • Add new songbird variant
  • Add pheasant egg
  • Add turkey egg
  • Add fried egg
  • Add turkey legs
  • Add edible turkey block
  • Update models for Feral Wolf (and heads)
  • Lower reindeer health to 30
  • Split coyote head into its own head (on 1.14 this will request an ID change, you WILL lose any coyote heads upon updating!)
  • Add polish translation (slightly out of date)
  • Fix being able to breed pheasant with wheat instead of pumpkin seeds
  • Make deer drops better (always drop 2 antlers, sometimes venison)
  • Fix coyote dropping wolf pelts
  • Removed broken update checker
  • 1.12: Fix fox dropping wolf pelts
  • 1.12: Add oredictionary support to taming items config (format: "ore:oreName")
  • 1.12: Add Thaumcraft 6 Aspects
  • 1.12: Fix crash from Boar eating crops before the world is loaded
  • 1.12: Fix cascading worldgen lag
  • 1.12: Fix strange desync with lamprey
  • 1.14: Fix heads, hand of fate, and trillium not dropping ever
  • 1.14: Add campfire and smoker recipes for most cookables
  • 1.14: Make nautilus by default despawn again (oops!)
  • 1.14: Add Crab Rave support for Essential Features' Portable Jukebox
  • 1.14: Fix crash when placing heads on tall grass or two-high plants
  • 1.14: Internally rewrite configs and entity registration
  • 1.14: Fix config not always generating with modded biomes (delete configs to get a new one)
  • 1.14: Added waterlogging support for heads and hand of fate
  • 1.14: Fix tame items config not working
  • 1.14: Add tag support for tame item config (format: "#tagdomain:tagname")
  • 1.14: Fix some water mobs spawning on land
  • 1.14: Fix 'Unknown custom packet identifier' warnings in log


  • 1.14: Fixed crashes for forge 1.14.4-28.1.0+


  • Sharks will now retaliate
  • Added a configuration option under all entities for despawn allowance
  • Sharks now have limits on the size of things they can grab
  • 1.14: Fixed "Get Badgered" happening whenever you take damage
  • 1.14: Increased nautilus shell drop rate from nautilus (1/500 to 1/25)
  • 1.14: Made lammergeiers less derpy and broken
  • 1.14: Fixed crash with Forge 28.0.92+ (28.0.92+ REQUIRED for the mod from now on!)


  • Added 25 advancements
  • Entities killed by lamprey no longer drop items, to reduce clutter and lag
  • Updated shark animations so their pitch relative to their trajectory
  • Fixed lamprey not syncing grabs properly since 7.0.2
  • Updated Chinese (simplified) translation
  • 1.14: Fixed placement conditions for water entities (fixes things spawning outside of water)
  • 1.14: Defer addition of biome generation features to prevent concurrent modification (fixes crash during loading sometimes)
  • 1.14: Fix dismount firing on lampreys if the chunk is not loaded (fixes crash when loading new areas)


  • Updated German Translation
  • (Maybe?) Fixed "received passengers for unknown entity" spam
  • 1.12: Fixed bear cape not rendering "arms" on armor stand
  • 1.14: Fixed crash with shark dismounting targets
  • 1.14: Fixed random crash with shark when grabbing some entities like skeletons


  • Updated Russian Translation
  • Updated Japanese Translation
  • Added config to allow goat to dispense vanilla milk instead
  • Flipped the nautilus so it swims in the right direction
  • 1.12: Fixed lamprey spawning in ocean again, darn things!
  • 1.12: Fixed snowy/classic wolf cape having broken texture and recipes
  • 1.14: Fixed sided crash on server when using entity heads
  • 1.14: Fixed crash from breeding unnamed reindeer
  • 1.14: Fixed modded biomes not auto-generating in configs (also preventing spawns in modded biomes)
  • 1.14: Fixed water entities not always spawning in water properly


  • Added crabs
  • Added nautilus
  • Added sharks
  • Added horseshoe crabs
  • Added bear heads
  • Added wolf capes (with baubles support)
  • Added wolf pelts, used for crafting capes or wool and leather, drops from wolves
  • Added bear capes (with baubles support)
  • Added bear skin, used for crafting bear capes or woll and leather, drops from bears
  • Added crab meat, drops from crabs
  • Added a configuration option to allow variants to be selected based

on biomes (white feral wolves -> snowy biomes), off by default

  • Added Italian translation, thanks to Gaber373!
  • Moved kermode bear into black bear egg as a rare variant
  • Renamed creative tab and mod info name from "Better Animals+" to "Better Animals Plus"
  • Added a secret with crabs (try mixing the disk of the skeleton and creeper with the raw crustacean) wink
  • Fixed lampreys not dismounting upon death properly
  • Fixed bears sometimes dropping the wrong head type


  • Fixed random crash killing tameable animals
  • Fixed desync of taming item config for servers and clients


  • Added configuration for taming items
  • Fixed milk bucket not being returned (again)
  • Fixed crashes caused by animal heads
  • Fixed taming items that are replaced by mods not working even though they match
  • Fixed some broken loot tables
  • Lamprey now drop fish
  • Lamprey no longer spawn in the ocean by default (please re-generate configs for this)
  • Lamprey now wander when not attacking
  • Updated French Translation (Thanks to @Neerwan on GitHub)


  • Fix crash from Lamprey moving (unknown cause)
  • Fix invalid lang key on Hirschgeist daytime attack message


  • Added Badgers
  • Added Lampreys
  • Added Songbirds
  • Trillium now match biome grass color
  • Lammergeiers have new animations
  • Deer are breedable (wheat)
  • Tamed Fox are breedable (raw rabbit or chicken)
  • Hand of Fate has breaking progress and a nicer bounding box
  • Deer no longer run without a single leg on the ground
  • Deer will eat grass
  • Goats will eat grass
  • Lammergeiers will now land on the ground before sitting
  • Fix some translations that were not working
  • Fixed bug with deer drops/loot table causing it to not exist or not drop
  • Fixed crashes with DataManager keys on Jellyfish
  • Fixed heads with corrupted or invalid NBT data causing client to crash
  • Fixed doSpawning config option doing nothing
  • Fixed deer head icons not matching their antlers
  • Removed doRegister from config
  • Added config option to make coyotes always hostile
  • Coyotes can now be tamed with cooked or raw chicken, rabbit, and pheasant as opposed to just raw rabbit.
  • Code refactors (as usual) that make development easier


  • Fix bug that caused modded biomes to be unable to spawn BA+ entities and made the configuration unable to affect it


  • Fix random crash on client when loading chunks with Trillium or Hand of Fate, where the TE loads before the block.


  • Added Boars
  • Added Squirrels
  • Added Boar heads
  • Animal head items have textures for each variant
  • Spawn eggs now show in the Better Animals Plus tab
  • Added biomes configuration for spawning
  • Fixed jellyfish floating/being too large
  • Fixed reindeer neck rotating strangely when eating
  • Fixed lammergeiers derping before attacking ("hesitating")
  • Fixed minor offsets on resting leg models (should prevent feet half clipping into the ground or being angled)
  • Fixed Esperanto translation
  • Fixed some random crashes with Entity datamanager (may still afflict

old worlds with older entities, try removing mod, loading world, and re-adding mod)

  • Redo render factory system (use method references)
  • Removed the useless "Common Proxy"


  • Fixed bug where animal heads would not drop their item after being broken by external sources (like water)
  • Added config options to disable natural spawning instead of removing entities alltogether
  • Rewrote configuration / entity registration system to add more options (min, max) and categorize entities
  • Lowered Coyote and Goat spawnrates slightly
  • Increase size of deer hitbox by 0.2 blocks
  • Coyotes no longer growl while tamed (unless attacking) and don't bark
  • Tamed feral wolves will growl when attacking
  • Foxes will not bark
  • Fixed bug where HOF recipe was stuck on last oredict for stone
  • The wearable Hirschgeist skull can now be repaired with bones and antlers
  • Breaking and replacing wolf, deer, or reindeer skull will no longer pick a new variant, but instead persists through the item
  • Wolves, deer, and reindeer will drop heads that match their skins
  • Drop rate of heads greatly reduced
  • Increased goat health
  • Lammergeier now accepts any food for healing
  • Fixed incorrect translation for "fox" in Hungarian
  • Added more oredictionary values for venison (listAllvenisonraw/cooked, foodVenisonraw/cooked) (Pam's HarvestCraft)
  • Added fox head (also drops correctly and such)
  • Updated all translations for new content except Arabic and Chinese
  • Updated hirschgeist skull (wearable) model on head
  • Fixed bug where the worn hirschgeist skull would render backwards in the inventory screen


  • Added naming a reindeer "Rudolph" and fixed spawning logic for red-nosed versions
  • Fixed crash with Wings, Horns, and Hooves (chaning internal lang layout)
  • Fixed all the translations (big oops)


  • Added reindeer
  • Added reindeer head
  • Fixed bug where wolf skulls didn't save their type
  • Added both antler variants to the deer head
  • Added baby deer
  • Added Translation: Hungarian
  • Updated Translations:
    • German
    • Esperanto
    • English
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Japanese
    • Portuguese
    • Russian


  • Fixed Hand of Fate breaking bug
  • Added a secret :D (red-nosed deer on christmas)
  • Updated Translations:
    • German
    • Esperanto
    • English
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Japanese
    • Portuguese
    • Russian


  • Added jellyfish
  • Added pheasant
  • Added pheasant meat
  • Fixed bug where bucket would not be returned when making goat cheese
  • Adjusted spawn rates, fixed BIG spawning bug


  • Add goat
  • Add goat cheese
  • Add goat milk
  • Add wolf head (includes coyote)
  • Add deer head
  • Fix server crash with loading and unloading Trillium on servers
  • Fix error in configuration where Hirschgeist spawn weight was named "weight"
  • Fix pesky off center-ness with Hirschgeist skull
  • Fixed drops and placement being wrong for Hirschgeist skull
  • Feral Wolves attack goats
  • Fixed some loot tables for mobs
  • Fixed large deer hitbox
  • Increased size of Wolf/Coyote/Fox hitbox
  • Updated translations with new content:
    • English
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • Japanese
    • Esperanto


  • New Languages:
    • Arabic (by MicroDroid)
    • German (by ekrempel)
    • Esperanto (by its_meow)
    • English (by its_meow)
    • Spanish (by its_meow and ikerleon02)
    • French (by slabruyere)
    • Japanese (by B_Wither)
    • Portuguese (by alexaldr)
    • Russian (by kellixon)
    • Chinese (Traditional) (by han880805)
    • Chinese (Simplified) (by han880805)


  • Fixed fatal server crash
  • Added config options to disable spawning of mobs/generation of trillium


  • Reorganized internal codebase
  • Fixed bug where some users would experience overspawning
  • Updated to new entity registry system (the fix for spawning)
  • Added configurable spawning weights (in mod config)
  • Update to include proper update/project/site links and fix typo


  • Added antler drop for deer (My bad)


  • Added venisons to OreDictionary (listAllmeatraw and listAllmeatcooked)
  • Fix hirschgeist bones sometimes moving out of the ghost part
  • Added sound for hirschgeist and footstep sounds
  • Added Russian Translation (Thank you to kellixon!)
  • Fix invalid domain errors (May reset model of trillium and burning status of hand of fate)
  • Added particle system (not used)
  • Removed misc unused code (reduce filesize, cleanup)
  • Added lammergeier landing to make taming easier
  • Made some hostile mobs spawn in peaceful but are unable to attack
  • Added rotation to trillium (rotate different placement directions like a chest)
  • Fix bug where mobs that check for daytime (hirschgeist, coyote) would not always register daytime/nighttime
  • Fix hirschgeist spawning in groups of more than one
  • Add logo to
  • Lammergeier now puts its head down while sitting (midair)
  • Buffed feral wolf health (now more than normal wolves)