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Whales are neutral mobs that spawn in oceans.


Whales come in 2 different types. The first type is a smaller whale with a blunter head and a longer, thinner dorsal fin, which comes in 4 different variants:

  • A dark brown variant (based on the pilot whale).
  • A light grey variant with a brown dorsal side, dark brown spots, a noticeable lack of a dorsal fin, and a single tusk protruding from its snout (based on the narwhal).
  • A white variant with a noticeable lack of a dorsal fin (based on the beluga whale).
  • A black variant with a more angular head (based on the false killer whale).

The second type is a larger beaked whale with a shorter, wider dorsal fin, which comes in 2 different variants:

  • A brown variant with a white head and dorsal side (based on the Cuvier's beaked whale).
  • A blue-grey variant with a light grey underside (based on the Northern bottlenose whale).


Whales will not attack players unless provoked, and, when undisturbed, will swim around aimlessly in a similar manner to fish. However, unlike most other aquatic mobs, they cannot stay underwater without resurfacing for air every so often, and will drown if they are in water for 4 minutes. If provoked by a player or another mob, they will start swimming towards their foe and dealing half a heart (1HP) of damage on contact; in addition to this, all non-narwhal whale variants will inflict Slowness II for 4 seconds and Nausea II for 6 seconds upon hitting their targets. Non-narwhals also will only attack once in retaliation after being provoked. Narwhals will deal 4 hearts (8 HP) upon contact and have no such attack limit.

If a whale gets beached on land, it will start suffocating after 2 minutes. While on land, whales will not move, and will stay in place until they die.


  • 9.0.0:
    • Introduced.


  • Whales are immune to knockback both underwater and on land, making them harder to push around than other mobs.
  • The Slowness and Nausea effects that whales inflict with their attacks are likely supposed to emulate the stun one would receive from being rammed into or slapped away by one in real life.
  • As of now, whales are one of the few mobs in the mod to have variants that drastically vary in appearance (some variants have their own model), alongside jellyfish, sharks, and eels.
  • Whales are one of the few mobs in the mod to vary in size, alongside jellyfish, songbirds, sharks, eels, butterflies, and dragonflies.