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This feature has been removed from the mod.
It only exists in previous versions, and may not ever be added back.

Zotzpyre were hostile mobs that mainly spawn underground, but could also be found in jungles during the night.


Zotzpyre are giant vampire bats with moderately large, black wings, sprawling hind legs that hold the body off the ground, and a moderately large head with a light pink, leaf-shaped nose, big, light pink ears, and small yellow eyes that glow in the dark. They come in 5 variants: a light brown variant, a brown variant with a light grey underside, an orange-brown variant, a dark brown variant with a light grey underside, and an orange variant with a tan underside and orange streaks on its wings (based on the painted bat).


Zotzpyre are naturally hostile to players and animals. Unlike most hostile mobs, they make no attempt to chase targets, and will simply continue to wander around aimlessly and avoid any natural hazards such as high cliffs or lava. However, when a target is 4 blocks away, they will pounce on them, spreading their wings in order to slow their descent; upon successfully pouncing on a target, they will latch on the target and start biting them to death, dealing 1.5 hearts (3 HP) of damage and inflicting Slowness II for 14 seconds with each bite. If they take more than 1.5 hearts (3 HP) of damage in a single instant, they will dismount their target briefly.


  • 8.1.0:
    • Introduced.
  • 8.2.0:
    • Now despawns in worlds on Peaceful difficulty.
    • Now spawns much less frequently.
    • No longer attacks other monsters.
    • No longer attacks horses.
    • Can now swim.
  • 10.0.0:
    • Removed from the mod and moved to Whisperwoods (1.15+ only).


  • Zotzpyre are perhaps among the least dangerous early-game enemies a player can encounter, due to their slow speed, inability to chase targets, and easily avoidable close-range pounce attack; however, they can still pose a threat when players are being attacked by hordes of other mobs.
  • Zotzpyre were initially planned to be released in version 8.0.0; however, due to their model being unfinished at the time, they were delayed for version 8.1.0.
  • As of version 10.0.0, Zotzpyre were removed from Better Animals Plus and added to a related mod, Whisperwoods.